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Two weeks in japan | Akihabara

Akihabara, the Tokyo district of new technologies

Akihabara, literaly fiel of autumn leaves, is also known under the name of Akihabara Electric Town, Japanese often use diminutive Akiba.

It's very easy to go there in subway, the closest railway station is the railway station Akihabara on network JR, it's at 5 minutes in subway of the railway station Tokyo.

Further to the fire which devastated Tokyo in 1870, it was decided to leave a vast zone in waste lands in the northeast of the imperial palace to protect it from a possible new fire. The building of a metro station in 1890 allowed the development of the quarter finally, but this one was shaved during the second world war.

It is by the installation, just after war, of students in small boutiques to sell posts radio fabricated with the surplus of the army which the history of Akihabara Electric Town began. Expansion was searing due to the demand for household appliances at first and then for 1980s due to the demand for computer and electronics.


When arriving on the main street of Akihabara district, what is surprising at first glance it is these advertising signs which cover the facades of buildings entirely.

Akihabara-A well trimmed shop

When I said that you can find anything here, if you are looking for a particular electronic component, by searching in this type of shop, I am sure you will find it.

Akihabara-Electronic street

The more you move away from the subway station, the less there is boutique. But it is not for this that it is necessary to neglect these last boutiques; it has bargain still to be made..

Akihabara-Akihabara passages

To pass from a street to the other one, there are small passages which sometimes make barely 1m50 broad and in that you can find unconvincing boutiques. They are tiny and often specialized in a single type of component, tool or apparatus.


This district is the kingdom of electronics, but it is also that of the manga. Both worlds blend from a boutique to the other one and some time both within the same boutique.

Akihabara-Electronic shop

One of first shop out of the subway. It is the first one of a long series, it is impossible here not to find what you search; there is all that you can imagine and even more.

Akihabara-Akihabara temple

As everywhere in Japan, the modern time mixed with traditions. It is therefore wholly normal to find in hearts of this quarter of the 21th century a shrine Shintoïste.


    Akihabara, the Tokyo district of new technologies is here:

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