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Two weeks in japan | Asakusa


Asakusa is a little bit out of the modern and living center of tokyo but it's nethertheless a privileged destination for japanese and foreign tourists. It's here that you can found the formerly atmosphere of popular tokyo. There is a lot of distractions places(cinemas, theatres, attractions park) and also hotel cheapest than everywhere else.

It's very easy to go there in subway, Asakusa is the last station on the Ginza line.

The Senso-Ji temple called also Askusa Kannon is the main attraction of the district. It's the largest Buddhist temple of Tokyo; you go there by walking thrue the Nakamise Dori street which is bordered of numerous tourists shops.

You can also at the Kaminarimon gate rent the services of a rickshaw. Finally it's here that you can finds the shops which provide to the restaurant of Tokyo the resin reproductions of food that you will see in the majority of restaurants windows.

Asakusa-Nakamise Dori street

Nakamise Dori street begin at the Kaminarimon gate and finish at the Senso-Ji temple. All the way there is tourists shop.

Asakusa-Nakamise Dori street

The shops sell all that can interest the tourists, kimono, the set or samurai sabre.

Asakusa-Nakamise Dori street

On all the first part of the street, in addition to the central alley there is one covered gallery on each side. These galleries are they also the kingdom of tourists shops.

Asakusa-Traditional costume

It n' is not rare in this district to cross Japanese women in traditional costume. Contrast with districts like Harajuku or Shinbuya is strong.

Asakusa-Senso-Ji temple

The Ozomon gate which gives access on the principal court of the temple.

Asakusa-Senso-Ji temple

The Senso-Ji temple is the largest Buddhist temple of Tokyo. It attracts a lot of tourists and pilgrims.

Asakusa-Senso-Ji temple

This temple is oldest of Tokyo, it was built in 645. But vicissitudes of time (fires, wars) had made a lot of destructions and the majority of buildings which are around are recent. The temple has been restored at the end of the Fifties, but the Kaminarimon gate was built in 1960.


As in the majority of the temples in Japan, the japaneses burn incense before to go to pray.

Asakusa-The pagoda

The 5 floors pagoda of the Senso-Ji temple.

Asakusa-Around the Senso-Ji temple

Around the temple, in a garden we can finds several small buildings as well as many statutes.

Asakusa-The geisha

We had the chance to see a Geisha which went to the temple. It's the only one that we will see in Tokyo, we will have more chance in Kyoto.


In the streets in the neighbourhoods you can finds Tokyo of the Fifties. It's here one of the rare district from the city which is preserved modernism.

Asakusa-Traditionnal shops

You can find also in the area some traditionnal shops. We will retrieved that type of building structure in Kyoto.

Asakusa-Hanayashiki atractions park

Near the Senso-Ji temple, there is the Hanyashiki attraction park. It's in that small park that you can find the oldest roller coaster of Japan.

Asakusa-Hanayashiki show

We attended a spectacle for children in the Hanayashiki park. Spectacle in the pure mangas tradition.


A video visit:

    Asakusa is here:

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