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Two weeks in japan | Higashi

Park Higashi, garden of the imperial palace

The park Higashi, or east garden is a part of the imperial domain. Contrary to the palace which is opened to the public only two days a year (on December 23rd for the birthday of the emperor and on January 2nd for the new year), the park Higashi is in free access. The imperial palace occupies a surface of 3.4 km ² in the center of Tokyo, some people say that at the cost of the real-estate in Tokyo, the value of the palace is superior to the value of all the existing properties in the state of California. But naturally the palace is not for sale.

We reach it easily in subway, the palace is close to the station Tokyo.

The palace was originally the Edo castle, built in 1457, it became imperial residence during the end of the reign of Shogun in 1868. The palace is completely destroy during the bombardments of 1945, it was reconstructed at the same in 1968.

The park Higashi of 21.44 hectares contains a 5 km path around the imperial palace, flower massifs are of quite beauty.

Higashi-One of the park entry gate

By coming from the subway station Tokyo, we leave skyscrapers and crossed a deck over the moats of the palace to cross this door and enter the park.

Higashi-A house of guards

The park was not still of access so easy, we find just after the entrance a house which served formerly for sheltering the guards who insured the security of the palace.


In the park we see the ramparts which protected the palace. They are made of enormous blocks of rock.

Higashi-A lamppost

A few meters away we discover this very original lamppost.

Higashi-House of tea

In the middle of the park is a house of tea. The ceremony of the tea is in the heart of the Japanese traditional culture.

Higashi-In the middle of the park

In the center of bushes in flowers, we find a kind of small public garden which allows to rest and to take advantage of the magic of the place quietly sat on a bench.

Higashi-An explosion of flowers

We had the luck at this end of April to attend this real explosion of flowers. This moment in the park Higashi justifies at his own a journey in Tokyo.


A closer view of these flowers so sensational of colors.

Higashi-A waterfal

By continuing our way in the park, we discover as in most of the Japanese gardens a waterfall pouring in a pond.

Higashi-The pond

The pond of the park Higashi offers a true moment Zen in the middle of this city so agitated.

Higashi-The pond

Another sight of the pond and the flower massifs.

Higashi-The crow

A report photo on a park of Tokyo would be incomplete without a photo of crow. He is the host of every park of Tokyo, his cawing will accompany all our visits.

Higashi-A stele

There is of numerous different sort of tree in the park, lots are cut as these.


    Park Higashi, garden of the imperial palace is here:

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