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Two weeks in japan | Kinkaku-ji

Kinkaku-ji, or golden temple

Kinkaku-ji literaly golden temple is the name given by Japanese to the temple Rokuon-ji. It dates at the origin of 1397, it was a villa built by the shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu for its old days. He has wanted to make an exceptional place.

The superior floors are covered with gold so outside as inside.

The temple regrettably burned down in 1950, the current temple is a reconstruction of 1955. It is situated as most of the temples of Kyoto in the middle of a magnificent Japanese garden, at the edge of a pond in which it is reflected.

Kinkaku-ji-The golden temple

This world-famous temple was originally a villa built by Shogun Yoshimitsu after its abdication. He wanted to make an exceptional place to welcome Buddhist relics.

Kinkaku-ji-The golden temple

After the death of Yoshimitsu, according to his will, his son changed the villa in a Zen temple.

Kinkaku-ji-The golden temple

Regrettably, a crazy monk set fire to the temple in 1950 and it was completely destroyed. The building which we see today is a reconstruction in the identical of 1955.

Kinkaku-ji-The golden temple

The bird whom we see on the roof is a fenghuang, a Chinese phoenix.

Kinkaku-ji-The golden temple

The temple is covered with sheet of real gold. In 1987 it was the object of a new restoration and the golden layer is 5 times as thick now as previously.

Kinkaku-ji-Offering fountain

In the garden around the temple we find that kind of fountain intended to receive the offerings of the visitors.

Kinkaku-ji-Old pine

This pine of which shape of the branches evoke a ship, is more than one millennium old.


    Kinkaku-ji, or golden temple is here:

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