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Two weeks in japan | Kyoto train station

Kyoto train station

Kyoto attracts many tourists with its many temples, but the more visited site in the city surprisingly is an ultramodern building. It's the train station, built in 1997 by the architect Hiroshi Hara. It's a true city in the city with a hotel, a department store, many shops and restaurants. Each day, it's more than 240.000 peoples who used that station.

Kyoto train station-Kyoto train station

The first view we have of the station one coming from the center of Kyoto, being walked past the tower of Kyoto, it is this majestic facade.

Kyoto train station-The big hall

Hardly entered the station, we are seized by the size of the hall. The staircases which lead us towards the sun attract us irresistibly.

Kyoto train station-Skyway

This footbridge of glass and steel crosses the inner courtyard at a vertiginous height.

Kyoto train station-Staircases

Staircases, fortunately mechanical for the greater part, allow to reach the roof and its terraces.

Kyoto train station-A hairdresser for children

Shops are so numerous as it is impossible to show them all, then we shall limit ourselves to the one who amazed us. We would want to feel younger a lot to have the hair cut in these conditions.

Kyoto train station-An arc

By going up, in the intermediate floor, an arc of light.

Kyoto train station-The terrace

On the roof of the station, we arrive at a real small garden.

Kyoto train station-The terrace

The arrival of staircases on the terrace. Fortunately that it is mechanical ones because it's a long way to arrive there.

Kyoto train station-View from the roof

A sight on the crossroads in front of the station from the terrace.

Kyoto train station-An arbour

An arbour cheers up a small garden on the heights of the station.

Kyoto train station-The Shinkansen

How to show a station without showing the Shinkansen which took to us here from Tokyo.


    Kyoto train station is here:

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