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Two weeks in japan | Kyoto Studio Park

Kyoto Studio Park

Kyoto Studio Park is a park which belongs to the company Toei Kyoto Studio, the largest movie studio and of television of Japan. We can walks in the middle of film set which are used for more than 200 dramas per annum, and also many films of cinema.

Kyoto Studio Park-The Kyoto Studio Park

After a long route by bus, followed about 500 metres on foot, us here is in front of the cinema studios of Kyoto. There are very few tourists foreigner who come up to here, nevertheless we spent a good moment there.

Kyoto Studio Park-General view

A sight of the outside decorations from the building museum. Sheds in sheet steels which we see shelter the studios of shootings in inside.

Kyoto Studio Park-Streetcar

When we arrive in the park, the first think we see is that streetcar.

Kyoto Studio Park-Disguises

It is possible to disguise as traditional costume. It is what made this couple of Japanese which photographs.

Kyoto Studio Park-Bridge

Photo taken from a bridge which appears in numerous films. It is really cinema because behind us there is nothing, the bridge results in a wall.

Kyoto Studio Park-Place

Another outside decoration, we continue our journey in Japan of formerly.

Kyoto Studio Park-China street

In the bend of a road we change country, us here is now in China.

Kyoto Studio Park-Shooting

We attended a demonstration of shooting. It is a very funny moment, a mixture of clown and stuntman.


Kyoto Studio Park-Bar

Change of atmosphere, we are now at night in front of an American bar of the 50s.

Kyoto Studio Park-Monsters

A gallery of monsters stemming from a Japanese serial.

Kyoto Studio Park-Ninja

Red strength? My Japanese television culture is not sufficient to remember me about which serial it is.

Kyoto Studio Park-A side-car

A machine which has been used for transporting the heroes of a Japanese serial.

Kyoto Studio Park-An other side-car

Another model of side-car, which apparently has been used in the same serial.


    Kyoto Studio Park is here:

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