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Two weeks in japan | Sangatsudo


This set of Buddhist temples is located on the heights of Nara. It's a striking example of the interpenetration of the two Japanese religions, Buddhism and shintoism. You will finds shinto sanctuaries between the Buddhist temples. From its position in height, Sangatsudo offers a beautiful sight seing on Nara.

Sangatsudo-The staircases

Sangatsudo is situated on the heights of Nara, it is thus necessary by coming from Todai-ji to use these staircases to reach it.


It is from this terrace that we have a panoramic sight on of Nara surroundings.


These lanterns enlighten the passage along the temple.

Sangatsudo-General view

A general view of the temple from the terrace of Sangatsudo.


An other view of the lanterns.

Sangatsudo-View of Nara

View from the terrace of Nara and its forest. We perceive in the middle the roof of Todai-ji..


By coming down again, we find along the staircase funeral steles of the Buddhist cemetery.


    Sangatsudo is here:

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