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Two weeks in japan | Shibuya

Shibuya, the realm of the shopping

Shibuya is certainly the fullest of life district of Tokyo. It is the cradle of the new tendencies of the fashion. It is also a place renowned for the night life in Tokyo

We reach it easily in subway, by the station Shibuya which is the station the most frequented of Tokyo

The most renowned shopping center is Shibuya 109. Some people call even the Japanese which are in the top of the fashion Shibuya-girl.


By going out of the station of Shibuya we find the status of Hachiko. Hachiko is a dog which in the 20s had got used to waiting for its maitre in the evening at the exit of the station. The maitre died in an accident and the dog continued during 7 years to come every evening. At its death, the story made the headlines of newspapers and a status was raised in its honor.

Shibuya-In front of the station

The crossroads in front of the station is swarming with people. To allow to pass the crowd, all the traffic lights of the crossroads passes in the red simultaneously; the pedestrians cross then everywhere at the same time.


The advertising signboards are intrusive. We find even screens which broadcast TV.

Shibuya-Shibuya streets

Shibuya streets are crowdy.

Shibuya-Shibuya streets

Signboards and advertisements are so numerous that it's easy to get lost.

Shibuya-Learn english

In front of the station of Shibuya we find this couple which proposes free 5 minutes of conversation to Japanese who want to learn English.

Shibuya-Video games

To Shibuya as everywhere else in Japan, it is difficult to avoid the gaming rooms. Guaranteed very noisy atmosphere.


    Shibuya, the realm of the shopping is here:

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