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Two weeks in japan | Shimbashi


Shimbashi was the terminus of the first railroad line in Japan in 1872. It is a district of affair today, numerous Japanese multinational companies have their headquater here.

We reach it easily in subway, by the station Shimbashi.

We also find in this district the fish market of Tokyo and the park Hama Rikyu. This park is one of the biggest Japanese garden of Tokyo, it dates the 17th century.


From the tower Dentsu, a sight on the district. Dentsu is the biggest advertising agency of Japan, we can visit on the base of the tower a museum of publicity. The access is free as well as at the top of the tower (take the elevator towards the restaurant), where from we have a beautiful sight on the surroundings and the bay of Tokyo.

Shimbashi-Golden Bridge

A beautiful sight on the bay of Tokyo and the famous Golden bridge, again from the top of the tower Dentsu.

Shimbashi-The harbour zone

Tokyo is a maritime city with a very active port. From the top of the tower Dentsu we have a view on docks.

Shimbashi-Fish market

This building in arc of a circle is the fish market of Tokyo, it is probably the biggest fish market of the world.

Shimbashi-Fish market

The fish market sight of the inside, it is a maze of small alleys filled with workshops. The photo is taken at the end of morning, the hour was more for the cleaning than for the sale. It's possible to enter without any difficulties, it is just necessary to pay attention on the traffic of trucks and lift trucks.

Shimbashi-Hama Rikyu park

Below skyscrapers, we find one oasis of tranquillity, the park Hama Rikyu.

Shimbashi-Hama Rikyu park

The contrast between these towers and the flowery paths of the park is striking. The Japanese gardens are always a delight.

Shimbashi-Hama Rikyu park

As in most of the gardens in Japan, we find in this park remarkable trees. By seeing these trees, we better understand the art of Bonzai.

Shimbashi-House of tea

Far off, in the middle of the park we perceive a house of tea on piles.

Shimbashi-House of tea

By approaching the house of tea, we see that we can enter and be served a green tea served traditionally with small cakes.

Shimbashi-House of tea

The inside of the house of tea where we once enter removed the shoes (we often remove our shoes in Japan, it is better to avoid the too well laced shoes). The green tea is drink sat on tatamis.


    Shimbashi is here:

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