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Two weeks in japan | Shosei-en

Shosei-en garden

The Shosei-en garden was created at the 9th century by prince Minamoto Notooru. The drawing of the current garden goes back to 1643, when the park was redrawn by Ishiyama Saijo. Its goal was to give vision as much different from nature that it is possible in a small place.

Shosei-en-House of tea

As in most of the gardens in Japan, we find here near the entrance this house of tea.


Immediately after the entrance of the garden, there is this wall to the surprising structure. It is call the Taka ishi-gaki, (literally wall of big stones).

Shosei-en-House of tea

There are several buildings scattered in the garden.


Another heightened house.

Shosei-en-The bridge

This beautifull covered bridge allows to cross the pond.

Shosei-en-General view

A general view with the pond in front of us and at the rear one of the houses of tea.

Shosei-en-General view

An other general view.

Shosei-en-The pond

Originally the pond was filled with sea water because the purpose was to evoke a landscape of the seaside.

Shosei-en-From a terrace

View on the pond from the terrace of one house of tea.


    Shosei-en garden is here:

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