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Two weeks in japan | Town hall

City hall of Tokyo

The city hall of Tokyo is situated in the district Shinjuku, which is one of the fullest of life district of Tokyo. It is the district of affairs, it is there that we are going to find most foreigners in Tokyo.

We reach it very easily in subway, there are several stations which serve the district, the station Shinjuku of the network JR East for example.

The city hall was design by the architect Kenzo Tange and was built between 1988 and 1991. Link to the astronomical cost of the construction, Japanese nicknames it the taxes tower.

Shinjuku is also renowned for his night-life, Japanese takes advantage of bars of the district to flood their day concerns in the alcohol. It is not rare at night to cross groups of salary men dead drunk.

Town hall-Shinjuku West

Shinjuku West is the district of the skyscraper of Tokyo, we find numerous headquaters of company there. The architects compete in originality, every company wants to destinguish itself by the style of its building. We see on this photo the Cocoon tower with its characteristic profile.

Town hall-Model

The city hall is so big, that the best way to have a general view is to photograph the model which is exposed at the level of the observatory.

Town hall-At the bottom of the tower

The view from below is impressive, we feel quite small at the base of these 243 metre towers. The entrance is free, and we can take the ascenceur to go at the top to the observatory which allows a panoramic sight on Tokyo.

Town hall-View from the observatory

When we are at the top of the city hall, the other skyscrapers seem very small. In clear weather, we can see the Mountain Fuji; it was not case at the time of our visit.

Town hall-At the top

We dominate very widely the skyscrapers of neighborhood. It is necessary to say that until 2007, the city hall was the biggest skyscraper of Tokyo. Iit was since dethroned by Midtown Tower which exceeds it of 5 metres.

Town hall-Cocoon Tower

This magnificent skyscraper 203 metres high wears well its name. It's the place of one of the most famous school of fashion of Tokyo.

Town hall-Shinjuku Park Tower

A sight on the Shinjuku Park Tower who, in spite of it 52 floors and 235 m of height, look very far below us..

Town hall-Tokyo Opera City

Tokyo Opera City, this 54-storeyed skyscraper and 234 metres high shelters concert halls, National New théatre as well as two museums. The rest is shared by numerous companies, stores and restaurants.

Town hall-Tokyo view

Rise in the top of the city hall is a good way of realizing the unlimitedness of the city. It is impossible to see the limits, not the slightest small end of countryside on the horizon. The mist of pollution and the day which began to fall did not allow us to see very far; we shall not thus see the Mountain Fuji.


    City hall of Tokyo is here:

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