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Ueno, the sakura plain of Tokyo

Ueno is district in which is the park Ueno which atire crowds of Japanese at the time of the bloom of Sakura ( Japanese cherry trees). They come to picnic in family under trees with flowers, usually it's at the time of the ' Golden Week ' (the beginning of May) during whom many Japanese are on holidays.

It is to Ueno that we find the most famous museums of Tokyo (the National Museum of Tokyo, the National Museum of Western Art and the National Museum of the Sciences) and also the zoo in which there is some extremily rare big panda.

We reach it very easily in subway, the closest station is the station Ueno which is a connexion nod of numerous lines

But the park Ueno it is also the domain of NFA Japanese by which the number strongly increased in the 90s, we find real camps there, the poverty which is invisible everywhere else in Tokyo is very present there.


Hanami (literally look at flowers) is practised by of numerous Japanese at the time of the bloom of Sakura ( Japanese cherry trees). It is the occasion to picnic in family under trees, the park Ueno is one of the best places for that in Tokyo. As we arrived after the end of the bloom of cherry trees, this photo is not of us, thanks to Sakura-saku-kuni who put it free of right on the site

Ueno-Juggler in the park of Ueno

Even if cherry trees are not any more in flowers, the park of Ueno stays a place for walking very appreciated of Japanese. That jugglers made well the spectators laugh, we did not understand what he said but we spent a good time looking at him.

Ueno-The zoo of Ueno

The zoo of Ueno is well known for his big panda, who regrettably during our visit was hospitalized. We shall content ourselves then with his statue at the entry of the zoo.

Ueno-The pagoda of the zoo

In the middle of the zoo of Ueno is this very big pagoda at five levels. There is little of so big in Tokyo which suffered a lot during the last war.

Ueno-The Thai temple

Within the zoo of Ueno we find this Thai temple offered by the Thailand to the Japan.

Ueno-Japanes home 1960

It is in the museum Shitamachi that we finished the visit of the district of Ueno. This museum, very small,show typical japanese home as it was in the past. Here, it is an accommodation such as we could see them in 1960.

Ueno-The rickshaw

The famous rickshaw is now in the museum, or, we shall see it later, in places of interest to transport the visitors.

Ueno-Shinto rites

The guide of the museum very friendly explained us the rites Shinto. It will be possible to us then in the temples to follow his advices and so to read oracles.

Ueno-The tea set

In the center of the room, what we find in almost all the Japanese houses, the tea set. The ceremony of the tea is something very important for Japan, we shall have the occasion to attend it later.

Ueno-Tokyo in the past

In the wall are hung on the photos of Tokyo at the end of the 19th century. Wooden houses did not resist to the fires of past and to the last war and we find only little house or very ancient monument in Tokyo.

Ueno-A street of Tokyo formerly

We can see on this photo the traditional houses, we shall have the occasion in Kyoto to see similar houses and even to accommodate in it.


A video visit:

    Ueno, the sakura plain of Tokyo is here:

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