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Two weeks in japan | Kasuga-taisha


While passing by the forest, we pass in front of innumerable stone lanterns. We then arrived at the sanctuary shintoïste Kasuga-taisha, painted in orange which slices with the green of the forest. This sanctuary goes back to 701, but in accordance with the rites of Shinto purification it was demolished and rebuilt every 20 years untill 1863, date on which this cycle of destruction-rebuilding was stopped.

Kasuga-taisha-Stony lanterns

These stony lanterns are offerings made by the believers. Additionally they also serve as advertising because we find often registered above the name of the store of the generous donor.


Being walked past these multiple lanterns, we arrived in front of this orange sanctuary.


An other view of the sanctuary entrance.

Kasuga-taisha-The gate

To enter the sanctuary, we have to cross that gate.

Kasuga-taisha-The gate

View of the sanctuary gate from the inside.


We penetrate into the inner courtyard which is protected from the heats of the sun by one arbour covered with wisteria.

Kasuga-taisha-The lanterns

Along the sanctuary we find this row of lanterns.

Kasuga-taisha-The priestesses

Two priestesses shintô cross the court of the sanctuary.

    Kasuga-taisha is here:

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