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Two weeks in japan | Nijo castle

Nijo castle

The Nijo castle was built by Shogun Tokugawa Leyasu in 1603. It was used as second home for the shogun at the time of their passage in Kyoto. It's here that the shogun Yoshinobu Tokugawa gave back political power to the emperor in 1867, putting an end to almost 7 centuries of shogunat.

Nijo castle-Gate

The castle is surrounded with ramparts. To penetrate inside we pass over moats on a small bridge.

Nijo castle-Nimomaru gate

Nimomaru is the internal palace which was the residence of Shogun. We penetrate by crossing this door there. It is not possible to take photos inside. The most remarkable in this palace are the floor says 'nightingale', because it is conceived so that slats scrape against each others when we walk above. The produced sound is close to the song of the nightingale, what was very effective to detect the intruders.

Nijo castle-Door details

The door is decorated with magnificent sculptures of painted wood.

Nijo castle-Nimomaru palace

Behind the palace we find a very beautiful garden, as usual organized around a stretch of water.

Nijo castle-The pond

A view on the garden.

Nijo castle-The pond

An other sight on this garden, this garden are made to be admired from the windows of the palace.

Nijo castle-The garden

We do not grow tired of these magnificent Japanese gardens.

Nijo castle-The garden

A last view on the garden.

    Nijo castle is here:

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