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Two weeks in japan | Todai-ji


Todai-ji is the Buddhist temple most known of Nara. It shelters in Daibutsuden (greatest timber construction of the world) a statue of Buddha of 15 meters height. Another characteristic of Nara is the presence of deer in freedom.

Todai-ji-Nandaimon gate

To penetrate into the temple, we pass under the door Nandaimon. From our arrival we are welcomed by the multiple deers.


This building is the biggest wooden construction of the world. It is Daibutsuden which measures 56 metres long today,it was bigger formerly. It is in this building that we can finds buddha's famous statue.

Todai-ji-The lantern

On the square, before penetrating into Daibutsuden, we find a lantern who is in the disproportionate scale of the building too.


The famous buddha sat, 15 metres high, the Daibutsu. To appreciate better its dimension it is necessary to know that its ears measure 2m54 of height.


Another sight of Daibutsu and of one of two statues which are beside it.


This attractive butterfly decorates the foot of a vase arranged in front of buddha's statue.

Todai-ji-Pillar hole

This hole in a pillar is of the same size as a nostril of Daibutsu. The legend says that a person who gets through this hole will have a long life. Numerous children queued up to pass thrue the pillar.

Todai-ji-Pindola Bharadvaja

The legend says that if we touch a part of the body of this statue of the Arhat Pindola-Bharadvaja, the same part of our body will be cured.

    Todai-ji is here:

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