Download the web site protection script CrawlProtect.
CrawlTrack, webmaster dashboard.
Web analytic and SEO

CrawlProtect, your website safety.
Protection against hacking, spam and content theft

Two php/MySQL scripts, free and easy to install
The tools you need to manage and keep control of your site.


CrawlTrack, webmaster dashboard.
Web analytic and SEO

CrawlProtect, your website safety.
Protection against hacking, spam and content theft

Two php/MySQL scripts, free and easy to install
The tools you need to manage and keep control of your site.

CrawlProtect download

You just have to download CrawlProtect to be able to protect your website and so avoid the bad surprises link to a hacking.

CrawlProtect release 3.2.5b

November 8th 2013

Downloaded 36.680 times.

Https websites

If you are using https protocol urls for your site, you will need the CrawlProtect https kit to have CrawlProtect running with that protocol. Once you have upload the CrawlProtect 3.2.5b standard files, upload the kit content to overwrite the files to be modified.


Release 3-2-5b November 8th 2013
-Correction of bug: Avoid display of error messages on some hosting

Release 3-2-5 October 20th 2013
-Update of IP database.
-Correction of bug: change of password was impossible.
-Correction of bug: no index was not working correctly.
-Correction of bug: tag presence is check what ever the file used to insert it.
-Correction of bug: folder in CHMOD 550 & files in CHMOD 440 are now shown as safe.

Release 3-2-4 September 30th 2013
-Possibility to choose a replacement image to display in case of hotlinking
-Update of IP database.
-Correction of bug: in certain case the htaccess was giving a 500 error.
-Correction of bug: css issue in case of long tag.

Release 3-2-3 September 22nd 2013
-The SQL injection filter has been adapted to avoid some false detection
-Trust site can used https or ftp.
-For trust site url %253A and %252F are taken into account.
-Some new exploit blocked.
-Quick CHMOD change available on home page.
-You can now see logs for a specific IP.
-Check of site safety level (htaccess, tag and CHMOD) on home page.
-You can now choose to allow display of folder without index file content.
-You can now allow access to some type of system files.
-Short IP to block a range are taken into account to display which IP are already blocked by the htaccess.

Release 3-2-2 December 04th 2012
-The SQL injection filter has been adapted to avoid some false detection
-Correction of bug: Badbot user-agent selection was not taken in account in the htaccess.

Release 3-2-1 November 17th 2012
-Updated Italian translation (thanks to Giuseppe)
-Updated GeoIP database
-Correction of bug: the php tag was not shown in some configuration.

Release 3-2-0 November 17th 2012
-Big improvement of anti-SQL injection protection, to take full advantage of it you will have to use the php tag on top of the htaccess.
-Suppression of Options -Indexes to avoid some incompatibility issues
-Correction of bug: the htaccess presence check from admin page was not running as it should be.

Release 3-1-1 October 20th 2012
-No more error 500 if a blank space is unfortunatly include inside a list during htaccess set-up.
-Suppression of FollowSymLinks directive to avoid some incompatibility issues
-Access forbidden to files not design to be seen (.sql, .bin, .exe,…..)
-Blockage of server information display
-Improvement of the english translation
-Correction of bug: forbidden referer blocage was not running as it should be

Release 3-1-0 October 14th 2012
-Hotlinking set-up now give access also to other search-engine than Google (Yahoo, Bing, Voila, Yandex, Baidu)
-You can add authorized domain for hotlinking
-Access to .htaccess file forbidden
-Change from sha256 to md5 for access token to avoid incompatibility with some hosting
-Blockage of TRACE request
-Suppression of LWP of the forbidden user-agent list due to too much false detection
-Display of the content of folder without index file is now forbidden
-Use of deflate mod to accelerate display of your site
-Correction of bug: forbidden url
-Correction of bug: shell attack
-Correction of bug: error 500 when referer spammer list was too long
-Correction of bug: folders included in cache folder were taken in account even if no cache was selected

Release 3-0-1 September 09th 2012
-suppression of htaccess word in the htaccess file to avoid blockage of htaccess creation on some hosting
-removal of the limit to 20 caracters for the password
-correction of bug: Modification of trustuseragent field size to take in account all the list
-Spanish and Swedish translation

Release 3-0-0 May 05th 2012
-complete rework of the code using the same framework than CrawlTrack
-increase compatibility by using MySQL database
-possibility to manage all your sites from the same interface
-spam filtering on blog comments or forum posts
-possibility to block pictures hotlinking
-taylor made htaccess
-easy to add trust site or IP
-Italian and Russian translation
Nota: CrawlProtect 3.0.0 request a new installation, CrawlProtect 2.0.0 settings and data are not transfered to the new version.

Release 2-0-0 July 03rd 2010
-full redesign of the interface.
-full redesign of the code.
-the script propose now the usage of a MySQL database if writing in file is blocked on your server (for example, server protect by Suhosin).
-attacks logs (date & time, attack type, IP, country) are available.
-file and folder follow-up is down on a new page with several new sorting and selection options
Nota: If you upgrade from a previous release,a new installation procedure will start, only the htaccess configuration parameters will be kept, attack historic are lost.

Release 1-8-0 April 22nd 2010
-IP and host blocked lists are now available on administration page.
-better analysis of ASCCI characters in url for blocage.
-compatibility with Pageear (or Pagepeel) script

Release 1-7-0 March 27th 2010
-The script give you now the list of IP used by the hackers.
-With a few clics you can easily block access to your site from these IP.

Release 1-6-0 March 21st 2010
-The script is now able to block referer spammer.
-The script keep in memory your last choice for htaccess setting.
-htaccess modification to avoid some false detection.
-Bug fix: set counter back to zero was not working in 1.5.0.

Release 1-5-0 March 06th 2010
-The script is know building a taylor made htaccess file taking in account your specific requirements (so, no htaccess file in the zip).
-The script is now looking to all folders (7 levels max).
-You can choose to check all the files of your site.
-You can change the name of CrawlProtect folder.
-New administration page.

Release 1-4-0 February 06th 2010
-Modification of the htaccess file to avoid some incompatibilities.
-Choice of language to use during installation.
-The script is now creating his own database files to avoid writing right issue.

Release 1-3-1 December 11th 2009
-Optimization of the htaccess file to improve treatment time.
-Easy rules modification available to run with Wordpress, Crawltrack, phpMyvisites and Piwik (see documentation).

Release 1-3-0 December 07th 2009
-Fine tune of some blocage rules to avoid false detection .
-A new logout button.
-Follow up of folders with display of the chmod level
-Display of chmod level for files too
-Possibility to change files and folders chmod level in a few clics
-Sessions are back for identification (but can run without).
-Choice for hackers origin display between graph or list.

Release 1-2-1 November 28th 2009
A few bugs fix:
-Modification of an htaccess rule which were blocking some Joomla article.
-Don't use any more sessions as some users were unable to log
-Don't try to built graph if there is no datas.

Release 1-2-0 November 28th 2009
-226 more Badbots.
-Follow up of main files modifications to detect any change made by hackers .
-Report page protect by password
-Possibility to set back all counters to zero
-Crawlprotect is now available in english and french (translaters are welcome for other languages).

Release 1-1-0 November 22nd 2009
-73 more Badbots.
-Better management of writing in historical files to avoid unwanted setback to zero.
-When an attack is blocked, the script give a 403 error code.
-A graph showing the countries of origin of the hackers is available on the report page.

Release 1-0-0 November 21st 2009
It's the first release, more will follow.

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